Emerging East London-based singer KAE SERA blends modern-day electro-pop with sounds from the 50’s and 60’s to create something which is both unique and familiar. Originally from Liverpool, the artist grew up in a city rich in musical heritage, exposed to the nostalgic soundscapes of the bands that made the city famous. These sounds subliminally fed her musical appetite, giving her music a vintage haze and maturity. With a fascination for literature and poetry, her songs provide a captivating, storytelling experience, pulling you into her world. 

Her latest single “Past Tense” documents the fading memories of a once cherished relationship, where one person is left with an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. Reflecting on how the love that was once shared gradually becomes mere words that describe a long lost state of being, and a distant past that can never be relived. The artist shares, “My music is often about weighing up contradictory emotions and holding the good and the bad together.” 

“Past Tense” sees KAE SERA’s electronic approach evolve. Having started its conception in the Balearics, the artist found inspiration in the beat of chillout moments at sunset. Written in Ibiza, mixed and recorded in France and released from England, the song’s unique blend of influences from different cultures and locations emphasizes the beauty in how music can create its own universal language.