England has a vibrant comedy scene with numerous venues and clubs where you can catch some of the best comedy acts. Here are some of the top places to see comedy in England:

  1. The Comedy Store (London, Manchester, and Birmingham): The Comedy Store is a renowned comedy club with locations in London, Manchester, and Birmingham. It hosts regular shows featuring both established and emerging comedians.
  2. The Glee Club (Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham, and Oxford): The Glee Club is a popular comedy chain with venues in several cities. They showcase a mix of established and up-and-coming acts, including stand-up comedy and improv shows.
  3. The Comedy Store Manchester (Manchester): The Manchester branch of The Comedy Store deserves a special mention due to its vibrant comedy scene. It features regular comedy nights with a fantastic lineup of comedians.
  4. The Comedy Store Players (London): For improvisational comedy, The Comedy Store Players in London is a must-visit. They perform hilarious and interactive improv shows based on audience suggestions.
  5. Up the Creek (London): Located in Greenwich, London, Up the Creek is a legendary comedy venue that has hosted many famous comedians. It offers a diverse range of comedy shows, including stand-up, improv, and open mic nights.
  6. The Stand Comedy Club (Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Glasgow): While not technically in England, The Stand Comedy Club is a well-known comedy institution in the UK, with venues in Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. They showcase a mix of local talent and top comedians from around the country.
  7. The Frog and Bucket (Manchester): Situated in Manchester, The Frog and Bucket is a popular comedy club known for its lively atmosphere and quality acts. It features regular comedy nights, including new talent showcases.
  8. The Comedy Balloon (Manchester): Another comedy gem in Manchester is The Comedy Balloon. It hosts shows at various venues across the city, providing a platform for both established and emerging comedians.
  9. Komedia (Brighton): Komedia in Brighton is a fantastic comedy venue that also hosts live music and cabaret shows. It presents a diverse lineup of comedy acts, including stand-up, sketch, and character performances.
  10. Just the Tonic Comedy Club (Various locations): Just the Tonic is a comedy club chain with venues in cities like London, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Leicester. They showcase top comedy talent and often feature popular headliners.

These are just a few examples of the best places to see comedy in England. Keep in mind that the comedy scene is dynamic, so it’s always worth checking local listings and comedy festivals to discover new and exciting comedy venues and events.