bexx is a seriously exciting new talent in the UK pop scene. Her eclectic, euphoric sound has been hailed as unserious heartbreak pop, giving listeners the soundtrack they need for navigating life’s hurdles. 

Taking inspiration from subjects including queer dating, body image, mental health, and her favourite romcoms, bexx uses her songwriting to carve out space for fans to feel accepted and hopeful even in their lowest moments.

Her debut EP, SUCKER, is a collection of songs that show the songwriter admitting to being an idiot when it comes to dating. Described as cathartic anti-love songs for people with big feelings, there is one thing that remains consistent with each track, and that is the humour. With tongue-in-cheek lyrics and an overall lighthearted approach, bexx shares, “I had so much FUN writing this EP, I was laughing the whole time, even when I was writing “haha, I’m dying alone”. It’s about times in my life that felt heavy and lonely, but writing these songs made me feel lighter. Almost all of these songs have a punchline. Pop music just doesn’t have to be that serious.” 

Her relatable stories cover everything from being desperate for an ex to text you, being grossed out by your own feelings, being furious at someone for not missing you and of course a friends-with-benefits situation. Sonically, SUCKER is reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen, The 1975 and Fickle Friends, where colourful melodies, iridescent synths, fresh beats and catchy lyrics set the foundations for bexx’s bright and loveable sound. 

“haha, I’m dying alone” is pretty self-explanatory, with the songwriter confiding, “One fun fact about me is if I have a big scary feeling, I’m going to make a joke about it. A lot of the time, it really does feel like love will never find me. I can cry about it, or I can laugh and move forward. This one was written at a time when it was harder to laugh.”

bexx has headlined Nottinghamshire Pride and supported the likes of Fickle Friends and Deco on tour, as well as being featured in the likes of Wonderland, Earmilk, and Rolling Stone. bexx in 2021-22 was about experimenting and finding her style – bexx in 2023 is fully cooked and ready for world domination. bexx is rapidly heading towards an exciting future, and it’s one you’ll want to be a part of.